Statutory Review of Information Sharing amendments in Chapter 5A of the Domestic and Family Violence Act 2007

Published 28th June, 2022

The Information Commissioner is currently conducting a statutory review of the information-sharing provisions in Chapter 5A of the Domestic and Family Violence Act 2007 (the Act). These provisions were introduced in 2019 to assist government agencies and non-government organisations involved in supporting victims and families impacted by family violence to share (collect and disclose) information with the aim of keeping them safe.

The purpose of the review is to learn whether the Chapter 5A amendments have assisted in improving information-sharing between agencies (government and non-government organisations) who are ‘information-sharing entities’ working in this area and identify what might be done to address any issues.

We are also interested to know whether non-government organisations who have elected not to become an information sharing entity hold concerns that need to be addressed to give them the opportunity to reconsider their position.

A consultation process has commenced and interested organisations and individuals have the opportunity to make submissions.  You can have your say by email to or by post to the Information Commissioner GPO Box 1344 Darwin NT 0801. If you want to speak to a reviewer or obtain further information, contact us on (08) 8999 1500 or free-call to 1800 005 610.

Responses are sought no later than 29 July 2022.