Make an Inquiry or Complaint

If you believe a public sector organisation has breached your privacy or you want to ask something about the collection or handling of your personal information, you can contact the organisation and ask to speak to the person who deals with privacy issues. Explain what you want, or what you are unhappy with, and ask about your options. Hopefully, the matter can be resolved at this point.

Organisation Contacts Printable Forms

  • You can only make a complaint to the Information Commissioner about an interference with your privacy that happens after 1 July 2004. If something happened before 1 July 2004, you can still complain to the organisation but the Commissioner has no power to accept a complaint.

    Before you can make a complaint to the Commissioner, you must have requested the organisation to resolve or rectify your complaint.

    If you have done that, and you are not satisfied with the response (or you have received no response within a reasonable time) you can complain to the Information Commissioner.

    A complaint to the Commissioner must be made within 12 months of becoming aware of the problem (if it is not, the Commissioner may refuse to accept the complaint).

    A complaint must be made in a form approved by the Commissioner. The approved form for privacy complaints is available here or you can contact us, or complete our online form.

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