Make an application

  • You apply to the public sector organisation that holds the information. For example, the following are organisations: the NT Police, the Department of the Chief Minister, the Department of Justice, the Optometrists Board.

    Before you make an application, you will probably find it useful to contact the organisation to talk about whether an application is necessary and the best way to word the application.

    If the organisation you apply to does not hold the information or there is an organisation better placed to deal with the application, the organisation you applied to can transfer your application to the other organisation.

  • You can make an application as long as it:

    • is in writing;
    • includes your name and an address for correspondence;
    • gives enough detail to identify the information you want to correct;
    • gives details of why you believe the information is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date; and
    • specifies the correction you want to make.
  • Some organisations have their own forms for making an application. You aren't required to complete form to make an application as long as you satisfy the requirements of the application. 

    As long as you have provided contact details, the organisation will contact you if something further is needed.

  • Government organisations have a lot of information, so the more specific you can be about the information you want corrected the better. It will be useful if you can provide a copy of the document containing the information and either mark the information for correction or describe the relevant word, sentence or paragraph.