Published 24th March, 2019

Our Office and NT government agencies are currently operating in an environment of unprecedented events related to COVID-19.

This has the potential to lead to staff absences for varying reasons, staff being assigned to alternative essential duties and varied work arrangements, e.g., working remotely and, at some stage, possible closures of certain units or offices.

All of these factors require changes to the way we operate and the way government agencies operate.  We will continue to make every effort to provide services to the NT community but our ability to respond and the timeliness of responses will be affected.  The same will be true for many NTG agencies, even if there are statutory timeframes in place for action.

These are extraordinarily challenging times for everyone and we appreciate that this is also true for people approaching our office and individual agencies.

In these difficult circumstances, we are grateful for your understanding and patience.

Please note: If someone lodges a complaint to the OIC because an agency has not complied with a statutory timeframe, and the agency’s ability to deal with or respond sufficiently to the application has been impacted by the current situation, the OIC may decide, to exercise its discretion to refer the complaint back to the agency when normal business resumes.